SCOPE Assessment

SCOPE Assessment

"Hi Mike,

Hope you had a great weekend.  I wanted to follow up
with you to first thank you for your time on Friday
morning.  I found the (SCOPE) process interesting and
very germane to the game.  I’ve played golf competitive
golf for most of my life and the factors and measures
you utilized were logical and reflective of the variables
in play during golf.  Again, thank you for your time."

The SCOPE Assessment was developed by Dr. Bruce D Schneider of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. It grew out of the Energy Leadership Index.

Whereas the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) measures energy over time, the SCOPE measures energy in the moment. This give you instant indicators of you preparation for that important business meeting, that difficult conversation, sales presentations, or even that all-important golf match with prospects clients! (Yes, the training program for using the SCOPE includes sports applications.). Here's some feedback from a client:

The SCOPE measures the mental energy that influences success with respect to six energy drainers that impact successful outcomes. They are:

  1. Spiritual—relating to spirit, or how truly psyched you are for the event.  These intangible and immeasurable items influence your behavior and energy—sense of purpose, meaning of life, your values, resulting in how you “show up.”
  2. Mental—brainpower and brain functioning. Things that allow you to be present in the moment: alertness, concentration and focus, ability to be creative and intuitive, clarity, memory, and degree of mental stimulations, together measuring how mentally prepared you are for the event.
  3. Emotional—things relating to emotions such as moods, feelings, judgments, fear, anger, grief, etc.
  4. Social—relating to society or the people around you such as attitudes about working with others, the positive or negative influence others may have on you, and so on.
  5. Physical—things that create a state of physical wellbeing and readiness for the event: health, sleep, nutrition, hydration, etc.
  6. Environmental—relating to the setting or conditions in which you work and perform: audio and video equipment, lighting, room size, technology, and overall setting. 

If you are low in any of these measurements, you are not prepared to be fully successful in achieving your objectives, even if the objective is simply to have a good time.  When the SCOPE results show unreadiness in any of the six areas, I dig for the reason(s) why, and coach around them.  

The SCOPE assessment is simple and fast to administer. The individual can check his or her energy readiness on the six levels just prior to a meeting, sales presentation or other event and be coached around any inhibitors that may adversely influence outcomes.  I provide instructions on how to use and interpret the SCOPE in my coaching.  Once the client is familiar with the process, he or she can use the SCOPE app to it alone.  The SCOPE app is available for IOS and Android phones.

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