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Just like books, TED Talks and blogs, today's electronic media give us other venues for tapping into the expertise that's "out there."  Podcasts, YouTube and the like are examples.  Together, they are excellent sources from the world of coaching that provide coaching reinforcement and continuing education during and after formal coaching.  Here are some of the top ones.  The latest recommended podcast in each category will be listed first.


Hogan Science of Personality Podcast

"Personality, Culture, and Generational Differences," 1 hour

In episode 15 of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake are joined by San Diego State Professor of Psychology, Dr. Jean Twenge, to discuss personality, culture, and generational differences. It’s no secret that today’s generation has grown up with access to more technology than previous generations, but how is that shaping their personality development?"Personality: Frequently Asked Questions," 1 hour

"Personality: Frequently Asked Questions," 1 hour

In Episode 3 of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake welcome Hogan Assessments Director of Global Learning Jackie Sahm to the show to answer some of the frequently asked questions we get about personality. Does personality change? Can personality assessments be “faked” or “gamed?” Are there generational differences when it comes to personality? Tune in to this episode for the answers to these questions and much more. 

"The Dark Side of Personality," 1 hour

In Episode 4 of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake are joined by Peter Harms, Associate Professor of Management at the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business, to discuss the Dark Side of Personality. When the pressure’s on, the line between strength and weakness isn’t always clear — drive becomes ruthless ambition, attention to detail becomes micromanaging. If left unchecked, the Dark Side of Personality can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, derail careers, and destroy organizations.

"Psychodynamics of the Dark Side-You Tube, 1 hr.

Dr. Robert Hogan, founder and president of Hogan Assessment Systems, discusses the foundations of the science behind assessing the Dark Side of personality.

"Leadership in sports," 30 minutes

Dr. Robert Hogan is interviewed about leadership in general and leadership in sports. He says, "Leadership is about building and maintaining a high performing team. It is not about getting to the top of an organization; it's not about getting ahead.

The Rubin Report

"Revealing the Secrets the Successful Use to get Ahead: Dave Rubin Interviews Lewis Howes," 57 min.

Dave Rubin of The talks to Lewis Howes (The School of Greatness Podcast Host, Bestselling Author) about how he went from broke to millionaire, Kobe Bryant’s success secrets, and why you shouldn’t watch the news. Lewis talks about his difficult childhood and how he was so poor that he was on food stamps. His sister let him stay on her sofa, but the best thing she did for him was to start charging him rent. This forced him to become an entrepreneur. He describes the steps he took towards self improvement and what he learned about how to make money.  That led to his starting a successful business. Lewis describes what he learned from interviewing Kobe Bryant. He describes how Kobe’s secret to success was not talent, but simple math.

"Don't Settle for a Lesser Version of You" Winning the Struggle with Self-doubt"

School of Greatness head Lewis Howes interviews sports psychologist Dr. Ivan Joseph on developing the skill of self-confidence.

"Being Kind to Yourself in Times of Stress"

This is a short blog from the World Health Organization.  I am providing this link to you because, in my experience as a coach, one thing I repeatedly hear about are the negative messages we send ourselves over and over. I address this topic in many coaching sessions--especially when I use the Acceptance and Commitment Coaching model. Listen to this great blog and use it however you want. It's good anytime you start to beat yourself up--at work or away from work.

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