Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re talking about executive coaching, leadership coaching, personal coaching or life coaching, the purpose of coaching is to create behavioral change. Working with me will not solve all your problems, but it will increase your ability to solve your own problems.

Executive Coaching

CEOs and other C-suite executives have the loneliest roles in industry. They’re expected to know everything and be everything. Granted, they have top skills in their fields and they got where they are by being the best of the best. Still, survey after survey finds that even though they are the people who most want coaching, they seldom get it. Executive responsibilities get in the way.

Coaching High Potential Employees

High potentials are individuals whom you believe are highly capable and motivated to achieve over the long term in your company. You want to keep them. For their part, the feeling is mutual — but, they need development beyond that given to other employees.

Effective development of high potentials requires not just special coaching, but also a carefully designed training curriculum that closely aligns with the mission of the company.

My experience includes developing a high potential training curriculum with Cornell University's Samuel B. Johnson School of Management, and implementing and leading that program in a real time environment.  I have also worked with other companies as a coach and instructor in their high potential development programs.

Coaching Top Salespersons

Success in sales means staying at the top of your game at all times. It’s about winning. It’s about making money for the company and for yourself — the classic win-win. It’s not easy, though. Turnover in sales people is high. Coaching for sales people focuses on identifying and eliminating self-messages that undermine self-confidence and success.

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