Energy Leadership Assessment

Energy Leadership Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment was developed by Dr. Bruce D Schneider of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. It is an excellent assessment appropriate to all kinds of self-development.

My use of the ELI is mainly in the area of leadership development. How I use it is explained in my book, Reducing Turnover in the Services Sector—Lessons from the Security Industry, in which leaders are encouraged to take the assessment periodically to assess their growth to Level 6, a leadership level wherein direct reports follow you because the want to, and not because they have to. 

The ELI provides an overall measure of the strength of leadership attitudes from which the leader operated at the time of taking the assessment. This mental energy is distributed among seven levels—all related to leadership—under normal circumstances and under stress. These are the default leadership styles developed over time by individuals and reflected in their leadership roles.

Knowing how one’s psychic energy is distributed over the seven levels provides leaders with clear information about where they tend to focus their leadership style and what changes they should make should they not be satisfied with the present distribution.

Presented in line graph format, the levels can produce positive (anabolic) or negative (catabolic) impacts on leadership success. Whatever the level, the basic question is “Is it working for you?” If it is not, you can actually choose to show up differently and more in unison with what makes you, your direct reports, and your company successful. Used in coaching, this assessment provides a basis for learning how to choose the appropriate leadership approach for the situation.

Coaching around the seven levels involves exploring where the individual falls in regard to each level and what is nudging the individual to remain in negative, unsuccessful, or under-successful leadership patterns. Ultimate leadership occurs at Level 6, and that is the goal for quality leadership, though the ultimate goal for life fulfillment is Level 7. 

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