Assessing Corporate Culture

Whether you’re talking about executive coaching, leadership coaching for managers, coaching your sales force, or coaching for your high potential employees, my purpose is to create behavioral change that aligns with your company's culture. So, my beginning is to learn about your beginning and development as an organization.

There are many good reasons for assessing organizational culture:

  • identifying the type of person who is naturally attracted to your industry and company
  • aligning your training methods to the learning styles of the majority of your employees
  • learning how people in the company process information
  • identifying what is naturally missing in the employee attraction mix and applying that to recruitment strategies
  • helping managers understand how best to manage within your culture
  • helping salespeople understand how their natural selling approach has to align with buyers’ characteristics
  • predicting where conflict may emerge, management of change

I use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other psychometrics to identify your cultural traits and use that information to align our work with your reality. My success developing organizations are documented in Nathan Greeno’s book, Corporate Learning Strategies and explained in detail in my own book, Reducing Turnover In The Services Sector.

I led a team that developed and conducted training for the security force of 650 people at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC and New York City over a five-year period, and conducted the nascent study of learning styles in the service industry that led to designing training programs for the State of North Carolina and other clients.

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