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         Welcome to a new kind of website!

This is my third website.  The first website was the product of a marketing company in South Florida.  They did a great job, but it outlived its usefulness as my business grew.  Something was missing.  The focus was all on me. The second website was done by a website production company in Canada.  It was all about selling my product line of assessments, services, and my book.  The focus was on sales.  I still felt like something was missing.  This website will be my last.  The "shell" is done by a coaching website designer company.  The shell is theirs; the content mine.  I mean I pretty much do it all, with expert guidance from them.  It's a good union.  

What makes this website unique is the focus.  It is to provide post-coaching support!  Here's some background:  I have long been concerned that once a coaching engagement is over, there typically is not a means for the coachee to keep the progress going.  That, I discovered, is exactly what is missing.  So, the focus of this final website is where it should be--on the person who I coached and satisfying his or her quest to continue their self-discovery.  So, I provide a reading list for those who have asked me to recommend books, a list of hyperlinked Ted talks, explanations and validity documentation of assessments I use and related certifications, links to podcasts, and other links to coaching-relevant sites and webinars.  My clients have given me advice on what they would like to see on the website, and have even caught some typos!  There's fun stuff on the website as well.  No rules.  This is a "living" website, with frequent changes and enhancements.  It's all about the folks I've worked with and their full development.

Here's What I Bring to Your Table

Extensive Experience

I offer more that 30 years of executive HR experience. I understand the realities of achieving success in the C-suite and its supporting structure of managers and employees. I founded and was Chief Learning Officer for the nationally recognized and award winning G4S North America Training Centre and Senior Vice President of Human Resources for G4S Secure Solutions USA, Inc., and its 47,00-plus team members.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

I am an experienced business leader coach with over 1,280 hours of coaching experience. With 340+ hours of training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), I am certified for coaching by iPEC and the International Coach Federation.

Leadership Assessments

I use various leadership assessments in my work, all of which have been professionally validated. These assessments provide objective information to help us identify your leadership strengths and gaps. I firmly believe in using assessments in my work, and I use the best of the best. Check the Assessments tab for detailed information.

Adult Learning Specialist and Academic Teaching Experience

My doctoral work in higher education focused mainly on how to train adults. Apart from training and coaching one-on-one, I have taught at colleges such as City Colleges of Chicago, Barry University, St. Leo University, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

My Mission

My life purpose is to help people realize their non-negotiable full and true value as a human person, to help them help themselves when possible, and to recognize and act on my deep-felt obligation to help others when they cannot help themselves.   

I do this—as indicated by my logo—by integrating executive experience in business, a doctorate in higher education with a specialization in adult learning, and coach training with advanced international certifications.


My Approach

My goal now as a coach and author, is to help others realize their full potential in new and exciting ways. Many people—even those who are viewed as highly successful—really are not as self-fulfilled as they could be.  Often they live their lives leading themselves and others according to scripts in their heads that were programmed in by well-meaning parents, teachers and significant others. Don't get me wrong. They were indeed well-meaning and their role was to provide rules to ensure basic survival.  At some point, however, we have to take over and discover our own strengths and talents. 

There comes  a point when we have to walk by ourselves, so to speak. When this happens, we step onto a path of realizing our full potential. That discovery can lead us anywhere. In my case it led me first to self-confidence and self-respect, and then to achievement in business, though I had considered other pathways.  But then I thought back to the kind of leader I always wanted to be, but never quite hit the mark.  That's because I didn't have the tools and self-confidence I needed.  Man, it's great to help others get that!

I believe in people and I believe in business. I believe that every long-term successful business is made so by recruiting, selecting, training, nurturing and developing the right team members.

I also believe that many business organizations understandably get so caught up in doing the things they do in the marketplace that they promote individuals primarily based on their technical skills—and assume that good technicians automatically morph into good leaders of people. This is a major mistake!  As they say, good managers make the trains run on time, but good leaders envision eventual perfection in transportation.

Truly fulfilled leaders win for themselves, their team, their company and their clients. And, because they are self-fulfilled and confident, they spread the wealth. They help their direct reports and others in their self-development and career fulfillment.

All of this combines to form company cultures where people want to work and companies that increase profits to the benefit of all stakeholders.  My vehicle for helping leaders in this transition is certified coaching--with measurable outcomes.

In September 2018, my first book was published by Balboa Press: Reducing Turnover in the Services Sector. It's designed to help leaders go from good to great, even leaders whose companies may not provide sufficient training to help them evolve into exemplary leaders so needed in today's world. 

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